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Beef Cattle and Bale Wrap: Recycling Farm Plastics to be Part of the Solution

Meet beef Farmer Lynn Leavitt, who not only raises beef cattle, but has spent thousands of hours and put his blood, sweat and tears into creating a recycling solution for used bale plastic, which is used on farms across the country.

A Place for the Birds, the Bees and Beef Cattle

The Grey Dufferin Community Pasture Farm provides a unique place for young farmers to pasture their cattle while also providing a home for many different species of birds, bees and wildlife.

Caring for Land, Water, Air and Livestock

Ontario beef farmers Jackie and Steven talk about how they care for the environment, the water, the air and their animals on their farm.

Respecting the Land and the Livestock

Ontario beef farmers Paul and Carrie Anne De Jong talk about how they farm sustainably with respect for the land and their livestock.