Local Flavour - Ontario Beef

Local beef tastes even better with local products.

Just like good company makes any meal better, good local products make savouring Ontario beef an even more enjoyable experience.

Picking up produce from a neighbour’s farm. Showing up with your favourite wine or beer crafted in a nearby county. Offering your guests an eclectic selection of regional condiments and preserves that perfectly complement the dishes you’ve created. Ontario beef is just the beginning when it comes to creating truly local – and truly unforgettable – get-togethers.

With so many great flavours to be found nearby, supporting local farms and business in your community couldn’t be more satisfying!

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Fire in the Kitchen

Born out of a passion for creating truly flavourful food, Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. offers some of the most unique and versatile spice blends on the market. Made right here in Ontario, their outstanding collection of dry rubs – including Momma Grace’s Inspired Jerk Rub – offer the perfect complement to the great taste of Ontario beef.

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Stonetown Artisan Cheese brings centuries old cheese making techniques from the mountain dairies in the Swiss Alps to St. Marys, Ontario. The result is award-winning, handcrafted alpine style cheeses that include their Grand Trunk and Wildwood products – all made with fresh whole cow’s milk from their family farm.

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Brantview Apples & Cider

For over 200 years, Brantview has been growing premium apples in St. George, Ontario. Today, they’ve embraced sustainable farming practices and offer pick-your-own-apples along with a year round farmers’ market and bakery. They also make deliciously refreshing Howell Road Ciders that not only go great with any cut of Ontario beef – they can also be used to make a tasty glaze for your ribs!

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Great taste is closer than you think.

The unrivaled flavour of Ontario beef is just one of the many great local products that not only elevate your dining experience but also help support your community. Wholesome and delicious, Ontario beef is raised by local farmers who take immense pride in being caretakers of the environment and leaders in sustainability.

Explore our site to find out where you can purchase Ontario beef along with detailed nutritional information and inspiring recipes. And make sure you ask for Ontario beef at your local meat counter or butcher – along with expert tips to ensure you’re enjoying the fullest flavour possible.