Ontario Beef Burger Battle

The tantalizing sizzle. The irresistible aroma. That incredible taste. Nothing says summer quite like a burger fresh off the grill.

We’re on a quest to find the most mouthwatering burger made with delicious Ontario beef. Follow along as our host Andrew Gunadie (aka ‘Gunnarolla’) challenges four top grill masters to create truly one-of-a-kind recipes as they compete in The Ontario Beef Burger Battle! There will be lots of secret ingredients, irresistible spices and unexpected toppings but there will only be one winner!

And you’re invited to join in the fun – recreate these tasty recipes in your home or, better yet, share your own inspired creation with us!


Say hello to this farm-to-table take on a Big Mac! Everything in this irresistible culinary creation is made in-house – including the mustard, vinegar, pickled vegetables, mayonnaise, buns and the proprietary beef blend.

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Can you top this burger? You sure can…with red onions, cremini mushrooms, cheese, garlic dills and more. It all starts, however, with a patty that’s the perfect mix of Ontario lean ground beef, garlic & jalapenos

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When it comes to inspiration for a great burger, it’s all Greek to us. This mouthwatering Mediterranean creation includes feta and Greek spices in the patty and is served with red onions, lettuce, tomato and, of course, homemade tzatziki.

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Canada meets Korea in a truly delicious culinary combination. Using Ontario beef, fresh produce from the farm and even locally-made kimchi, this tangy burger delivers on all of the rich, smoky, and umami notes of Korean Barbecue – all in one bite!

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Got a better burger?

Our grill masters may have brought their AAA game but we want see what happens when you explore your culinary creative side. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your spice cabinet or surprise folks with some original ingredients – just make a recipe that’s truly your own, take a picture and post it on Instagram with #ontbeefburgerbattle in the caption.


Beef strips on a cutting board
Ground Beef with cutting board and pepper mill.
Spatula with Ontario Beef logo. Garlic in a bowl
Beef strips with ground beef, green onions and a number of sauces in bowls.
hamburger in a frypan.
Eggs with lettuce, onions, olive oil and ground beef
A number of condiments on a slate slab.
Bacon and burger buns with condiments.

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