Beef Farming - Ontario Beef

We’re not only proud of where our beef comes from – we’re also proud of how we take care of our animals and the environment. That includes being totally transparent about antibiotic and hormone use, environmental impacts and animal welfare. When your beef comes from an Ontario farm, you never need to feel guilty about enjoying that burger or steak.

The Farmers

Ontario beef farming families have a long, proud history of producing fresh, local, nutrient-rich beef for you to enjoy year-round.


Ontario beef farmers provide top-notch care to their cattle from birth to market, 365 days a year.


In this 360 video tour, you’ll get to tour a working Ontario beef feedlot and learn all about how the cattle are cared for, what they eat, where they live, and how beef farmers care for their animals.


Ontario beef farmers do more than just contribute to your dinner table. We are significant contributors to the Ontario economy.

Environmental Responsibility

Using land to raise cattle can actually be good for the environment. Find out how our farmers contribute to soil health and carbon storage.