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Let’s talk about the environmental value of Ontario beef

Ontario beef relies on grasslands: pastures and hay fields. We can’t produce beef without grasslands, which are recognized by government and environmental groups as extremely valuable environmental features on par with wetlands and forests. We’re proud to be caretakers of Ontario’s grasslands, which do so much more than produce beef. To better understand the impact […]

Working with Nature to Care for the Land

As a nurse and an Ontario beef farmer, Sandra believes everything has a place in the world, and that it’s up to us to learn how to coexist with the nature around us.

Earthworms+– Farmer Series

Steve Sickle’s family started farming in Brantford two generations ago. When Steve took over the business from his dad, improving soil health on the farm was a first priority for him. To Steve, this meant the introduction of beef cattle. Beef cattle love grazing – they have ruminant stomachs after all – and grazing is […]

Grassland Birding Welcome

If you’re asked to think about birdwatching, what comes to mind? An image of a hopeful individual on the chase of a rare bird sighting, binoculars in hand? There is an earthy thrill to birdwatching that connects people with nature – an opportunity to see the elusive. Sadly, since 1970 the population of grassland birds […]